Bulgaria is a state rich with interesting cultures https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/42872803. The people around the wedding can be quite humorous, moving, and completely different from the traditional american meeting. While filming ceremonies in Bulgaria, I had the good fortune of witnessing a few of them.

One of Bulgaria’s most distinctive marriage customs is known as “gelina.” It’s where the wedding goes and steals his wedding from her kids apartment, taking her to his own home. It’s thought that this tradition may justify against terrible mood and bring good riches for the brides.

The couple will typically attend a lavish reception in a restaurant or other venue following the church or civil ceremony ( or both ). Their mothers did swap little pieces of the traditional circular wheat dipped in sodium and honey before entering the house. The second piece is spicy to inform them of the difficulties their relationship will present, and the second is honeyed, which serves as a reminder of the delicacy that will also be present in their life together.

The “kumove,” two people who serve as the couple’s most significant friends and mentors, are another crucial component of the wedding, making their role as their guardians and instructors. They will guide them in their upcoming lives together and help them through the challenging times.

After the greeting begins it’s occasion for a lot of dancing. The dance begins with the best male and finest female. The bride and groom dance a few times, which is customary, to get their bulgarian mail order bride cake, which is very special.